Partisia Staking Services

Unleash the power of Partisia Blockchain with Planet Nodes

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Secure Staking Services

Welcome to Planet Nodes, the ultimate crypto infrastructure node provider specialising in staking services for the revolutionary Partisia Blockchain.

Partisia Blockchain ensures unparalleled data privacy while enabling users to compute diverse data sets securely.

Experience ultra high availability with our AWS-hosted services by staking with Planet Nodes today.

Are you ready to stake and earn rewards on your MPC? 

High Availability

99.9% Availability, delivered by AWS hosted in West Virginia, United States

High Security

Built to the highest security standards with DDOS protection and supported by AWS Guard Duty

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24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and supported by our team in Brisbane, Australia

Fully Managed

Fully Managed infrastructure

Join Partisia Staking Program
Contribute to securing the network and get incentivised. Node incentives can reach up to 49%, based on historical performance.
  1. Get $MPC. Start by buying $MPC tokens
  2. Store. Transfer your $MPC to your preferred wallet (Ledger or Partisia Chrome Extension)
  3. Signin using your wallet
  4. Bridge some Gas. You need some gas (ETH, Polygon USDC or BNB) to be used for fees. Use Partisia Bridge to get it. fees are cheap, per transaction are in the cents
  5. Stake. Stake your rewards by delegating to Planet Nodes using the delegate to others option after signing in. Our address is 0006554b2cb1ad1e43cf4fdf5845f467d7b25c7671
  6. Count your rewards! The final step involves sitting back and watching rewards delivered to your wallet every quarter.


How long does it to activate my stake?

We will activate your stake within 24 hours. Message us on Telegram if urgent

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